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Exploring Current and Emerging Treatments for Unmet Needs in Acne with Our Expert Panel

On the 13th June 2019, the 24th World Congress of Dermatology (WCD) in Milan, Italy, played host to Galderma’s satellite symposium: Spotlight on Acne. The symposium panel, Prof Jerry Tan, Prof Gabriella Fabbrocini, and Dr Linda Stein Gold, explored current and emerging treatments for acne. The experts delved into the current care guidelines for people with acne, unmet needs in acne, and clinical data for therapeutic options to address these needs. Click on the videos below to experience the highlights from this
thought-provoking symposium.
Photo: Gabriella Fabbrocini
Prof Gabriella Fabbrocini at WCD 2019: Spotlight on Acne

Prof Fabbrocini explores the treatment guidelines for acne by comparing European, American, and Global Alliance Consensus guidelines and recommendations. She also questions whether these are aligned with clinical practice.
Photo: Linda Stein
Dr Linda Stein Gold at WCD 2019: Spotlight on Acne

Dr Stein Gold discusses the pathogenesis of acne and acne scarring and outlines the current unmet needs in acne: acne scarring, acne in skin of colour, adult acne, and truncal acne.
Photo: Jerry Tan
Prof Jerry Tan at WCD 2019:
Spotlight on Acne

Prof Tan completes the symposium with his review of the current landscape for acne treatment, looking at the clinical data for therapeutic options that could address the unmet needs in acne.
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